Post 16 Residential Support

Solent Youth Services are pleased to be establishing and delivering a bespoke residential service, work alongside young adults, aged 16+ creating a pathway for leaving care. SYSL understand that moving towards independence, is often an over-whelming transition in any young person's life. The transition agreement is carefully monitored and assessed and all referrers are kept fully informed.

We strive to work collaboratively with clients, referrers and staff to enable the best possible outcome for the young people who access Post 16 Residential Support pathway.

This includes, staff support, group and individual work, listening, conversations and discussions leading to the development of interpersonal communication skills to enable personal growth and the chance to overcome any early traumatic experiences.

We provide through the referral process, an individual programme to meet the needs of each young person. Our service supports and promotes young people, developing a wide range of skills and providing opportunities to move onwards.

With Solent Youth Services support, a care pathway will be implemented, that focuses on the emotional and practical needs of the young adult, prior to them embarking on their own journey into adulthood. The transitional period between supported and independent living, will be met with needs-based assessments, taking place within their familiar and friendly lodgings that we offer across the Isle of Wight.

We believe that by working closely with the Local Authority and care leaving teams, we will be able to implement individuals needs assessments and pathway plans. These plans will focus on many contributing factors including support with personal aspirations, health, education, accommodation, employment, training alongside support, finances, social development and practical skills.

Our team of multi-disciplinary staff allow us to deliver targeted services and therapeutic support, to those service users whose needs have been diagnosed as well as those who have undiagnosed needs.

Alongside implementing individually based assessments for our clients, we have access to and support from a number of qualified mental health professionals including a mental health nurse and a child psychologist, along with a wider support network specifically targeting therapeutic care to each person.

SYSL has also developed a large network of close working relationships, both on and off the Island.

Each young person will have the right to be involved in decisions concerning their futures, be treated with respect and dignity, as well as enjoying a safe and comfortable living environment. At SYSL, our mission is to advocate those rights, with regular reviews and feedback sessions. Each person will be guided in making a positive start through informed choices, to their adult life.

Our homes offer clean and modern accommodation facilities that promotes social and emotional integration. All are fully-equipped tranquil and secure 3 / 4 bedroom houses, within easy reach of Newport using excellent transport links for leisure and academic opportunities.

Solent Youth Services are able to accept emergency placements. Please contact us using the direct telephone number or the referral form for further information.