Introducing Outcomes Star

Solent Youth Services are proud to be implementing Outcomes Star tools to enable us to better support and monitor the growth and development of our residents.  As an organisation, we provide care leavers with the skills they require to lead successful, independent lives.  The Young Persons Star allows us to continually assess the planned pathway to independent living of each individual.

Outcomes Star provides evidence-based tools which monitor progress in key areas and are measured on a rating scale.  With the scale acting as a Journey of Change, each step on the scale relates to making sustainable changes in life.  Starting from an initial assessment and regularly reviewing, the star allows the support worker, the young person and the organisation recognise areas of success and areas that need further development.

The Young Persons Star provides a series of steps in areas fundamental to independent living, for example, health, practical life skills, work and education.  Through collaborative discussion with our young people we can establish the areas where more focused support is required.  As a positive approach to change, it allows the service user to understand the help and support that is available to them in their life and to assist in signposting to additional services where necessary.

The collaborative approach also allows the young person to give their feedback on their development.  Where their perception differs to their support workers assessment of their skills in an area, Outcomes Star encourages a dialogue to discuss the area in detail.  The process focusses on supporting the young person to understand how and why we are working with them to achieve, that this is done with them, not done to them.

We have introduced Outcomes Star to assist our young people on their own Journey of Change and provide them with clear, understandable metrics and take responsibility for their successes.  It also enables us to continue to provide support in all areas and additional support where it is most needed, and continually evaluate the exemplary service that we provide our residents.